Asma Kadri Keeler

Asma has been employed at the ACLU of Wisconsin since October 2017.

"I am a first-generation Indian-Muslim woman, so the issues of women’s rights and freedom of religion intersect personally for me. Moreover, I firmly believe every individual should have autonomy over what happens to their own bodies. The government has no place in choosing what happens during the most intimate, personal moments of a person’s life, especially if motivated by religious ideologies."
 As a Staff Attorney, Asma works on advancing a full range of civil liberties issues by developing, conducting, and assisting litigation in state and federal courts within the state of Wisconsin.  Additionally, she identifies possible litigation and advocacy, prepares pleadings, motions, and briefs; assists in conducting discovery and oral arguments.  Asma also plays a role in advocacy work of the legal department and general support litigation efforts under the direction of the legal director and senior staff attorney.
Asma came to the ACLU with a broad range of interests including reproductive health issues and women’s rights projects.  She feels that treating women equally, removing religious motivation from governing bodies, and being able to speak freely are some of the many ways that our country can hold true to its founding principles.  As an attorney with the ACLU,  Asma is allowed to help our society progress at the structural level and she is grateful for that opportunity.  

Asma received a law degree from American University Washington College of Law, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and winning the North American round of the International Criminal Court moot court competition.  She received a Bachelor’s Degrees from Loyola University Chicago in International Studies and Communications. Asma has a strong background in international human rights work with a focus on the conflicts in the Former Yugoslavia and currently in Syria. 

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Photo Credit: Barbara Miner

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