Youth empowerment is a crucial part of the ACLU of Wisconsin's misson to create a more just and equitable society.

For the last 20 years, our youth programs have helped young people become civically engaged and grow into leaders within their communities. We strive to help students channel their creativity, talent, agency, and power to make a lasting difference.


Summer Justice Institute

Are you a high school student interested in learning more about civic engagement, speaking your truth, and advocating for your community? Join us for an empowering week of learning and fun at our Summer Justice Institute (SJI), a free week-long day camp program packed with workshops, field trips, and activities to enrich students' understanding of civil rights and provide them with the tools to find their voice and share their story.

SJI 2024 will be held June 24 to 28! Register

Youth Social Justice Forum

Every fall, the ACLU of Wisconsin joins community partners in sponsoring this day-long event to teach high school students to exercise, protect, and celebrate their civil rights and liberties. The event is free to participating high schools.

Student Alliance

Display of an ACLU of Wisconsin Student Alliance card next to a cup of coffee

The ACLU of Wisconsin Student Alliance consists of high school, college, or law school clubs that promote civil rights and liberties on their campus and within their communities. Student Alliance provides students with the opportunity to become successful civil rights and liberties advocates by hosting fundraisers, food drives, art projects, film screenings, civil rights and liberties activist training, and voter registration events. This mission is fostered through meetings, workshops, and events that blend art, activism, education, and community organizing. Student Alliance provides leadership development, updates on current ACLU issues, and educational programs such as “Know Your Rights” training. 

As the ACLU of Wisconsin works every day to protect our rights, Student Alliance members understand that young people are the next generation of vigilant defenders of civil and human rights. Student Alliance invites impassioned and creative individuals interested in gaining the skills and knowledge needed to become effective advocates and organizers for their community, to become involved at their school!

If you want to join or start a Student Alliance at your school, email Youth Partnership Manager Abby Homuth at

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