“ICE agents surged into Wisconsin over the past week, detaining 83 immigrants apprehended in their homes, on the streets, and in their workplaces. Of those 83, ICE admits that 39 had no criminal records, and others had only immigration violations,” said Tim Muth, staff attorney at the ACLU of Wisconsin.  “Clearly the administration is not just targeting "bad people" when it snatches immigrants from our communities and breaks up families.”
The ACLU fights to protect the rights of immigrants across the country and here in Wisconsin. Amid reports of new arrests across this state, we are particularly interested in cases in which ICE has violated people’s rights. If you have information about a case in which ICE has engaged in racial profiling or other forms of discrimination, instead of acting on a warrant for a particular person’s arrest, please contact us at 414-272-4032, or liberty@aclu-wi.org.
“Raids and arrests across Wisconsin in recent days have also shown that ICE is ignoring nationwide outrage over the separation of families and other attacks on immigrants,” said Chris Ott, ACLU of Wisconsin executive director. “They are also doing this just weeks before critical elections. Ultimately, the power to bring an end to these attacks on immigrants lies with voters. We urge every eligible voter who cares about this issue to vote on November 6.”
For more information, please sign up as an ACLU voter at www.aclu.org/voter. Those who need an ID to vote or who have questions about voting can also contact the ACLU’s voter assistance hotline in Wisconsin at 608-285-2141.