Tim has been with the ACLU of Wisconsin since 2016.

"Because I split my time between the ACLU of Wisconsin and doing human rights work in El Salvador, I have a particular passion for the rights of immigrants, who want nothing more than to find a better, safer life for themselves and their family."


As a volunteer Staff Attorney, Tim advocates in and out of the courts for ACLU of Wisconsin's clients who are seeking to assert their constitutional rights.

Although Tim is particularly interested in Immigrants' Rights, he is also passionate about all of the issues we work on at the ACLU of Wisconsin.

Tim graduated from Harvard Law School in 1986. He spent thirty years as a litigator at a large Wisconsin law firm before leaving to come work at the ACLU. In 2015, Tim was named by Wisconsin Law Journal a “Leader in the Law.” Tim is the founder and editor-in-chief of El Salvador Perspectives.