In "Free Voices– Democracy Ensured: Advocating for Change For Eligible Voters in Jail," the ACLU of Wisconsin Union offers recommendations that would help ease barriers to jail-based voting. 

These recommendations follow the ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation's statewide analysis on jail voting in October, which found that eligible voters incarcerated in Wisconsin jails continue to face numerous obstacles when attempting to exercise their right to vote.

The report lays out solutions for the short, medium and long term, providing county sheriffs and jail administrators with a foundation for how to design systems that will not only enable eligible voters to access the ballot but also empower them to engage further in our democratic process. 

While setting out to prescribe some high-level steps to make jail voting systems more accessible and smoother to operate, these recommendations also deal with the corrections system head-on, recognizing how the dehumanizing experiences endured by people in jail impacts their decisions about whether or not to vote. The report clarifies that acknowledging the humanity and dignity of people in jail – and meeting their basic needs – is a central component of jail voting advocacy.