MILWAUKEE – The ACLU of Wisconsin released the following statement regarding a Wisconsin appeals court ruling blocking an effort to remove voters from the rolls. 

“The ACLU of Wisconsin believes we should make it easier to vote, not harder,” said Chris Ott, ACLU of Wisconsin executive director. “We appreciate today’s ruling to leave existing voter registrations alone, and we thank our allies who have fought the confusion and obstacles that the lower court ruling would have created. We urge all eligible voters to vote in this year’s important elections, starting April 7th. With our rights on the ballot, we will continue to fight to ensure every eligible voter can make their voice heard.” 

The ACLU of Wisconsin has information about the upcoming Supreme Court election at:

There is also a Constitutional amendment on the ballot that would alter the rights of criminal defendants and victims, and many county, municipal and school board elections.

To make voting as smooth as possible, the ACLU also encourages voters to verify that their registrations are up to date by checking

Voters with questions about their eligibility, registration or voter ID can visit or reach out to Wisconsin Election Protection on Facebook or @EPWisco on Twitter.