“Stay Registered To Vote: Return WEC Postcards before July 15”

By Rachael Meixensperger

On June 15th, about 187,750 registered voters in Wisconsin who have not voted since the November 2016 general election were mailed “official registration notice” postcards from the Wisconsin Elections Commission. 

These postcards include a notice that your voter registration will be deactivated by July 15th unless you request a continuation. 

If you receive this postcard, please do not disregard it. Wisconsin law requires the removal of inactive voters from the voter list if they do not respond to this request to continue their voting registration. You must return it in order to stay registered to vote. 

To remain a registered voter, simply sign the “Keep Me Registered to Vote'' section of the postcard and return it to your municipal clerk by mail or in-person. If you do not respond by July 15th, you will be taken off of the active voter list and must re-register to vote before you can vote in any future election.

If you have voted in the past four years in Wisconsin and still receive a postcard, you should inform your municipal clerk of the mistake, whose contact information is included on the postcard.

If your name or address has changed, you should not return the postcard. Instead, you must re-register. You can re-register online by following the instructions at www.myvote.wi.gov.

As a general reminder, you have 20 days before an election to register to vote by mail or at www.myvote.wi.gov. Voters may also register at the clerk’s office until the Friday before an election or on Election Day at their polling place.