MILWAUKEE - The ACLU of Wisconsin announced today that it is partnering with the Milwaukee Bucks, joining forces to protect voting rights, increase civic engagement, and fight for social justice. On Tuesday, the Bucks officially tipped off their “Bucks Vote” campaign, an initiative that aims to educate, engage and inspire those across the state about their rights and empower them to vote.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Milwaukee Bucks to advance our shared mission of building a stronger, more just state for all Wisconsinites,” said Chris Ott, executive director of the ACLU of Wisconsin. “Over the last few years, the Bucks have become dedicated and vocal advocates for change, using their platform to take a stand against police violence, fight racism and make a positive impact in the community. In this time of great uncertainty and instability, the Bucks’ continued commitment to serving our city and state has never been more vital.”

“We look forward to supporting the Bucks’ ambitious new efforts promoting voting and civic engagement, as well as collaborating on future projects oriented around racial and social justice.”

The “Bucks Vote” campaign will focus on civic awareness and voter education -- helping people learn how to vote absentee and in-person -- as well as increasing the number of poll workers.”