This joint resolution proposes to enshrine the photo identification requirement to vote into the state constitution.

Access to a photo ID is a barrier that prevents some Wisconsinites, especially for non-drivers–who according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation comprise 31% of the population–and voters with disabilities. In addition to expanding the permissible photo ID options for voters, it is essential that an affidavit signed by an elector under penalty of false statement affirming their identity serve as an alternative option offered to voters who face significant barriers to obtaining a photo ID. 

Note: A proposal to amend the Wisconsin Constitution must be passed by a majority of members in both houses as a joint resolution, known as “first consideration,” and then in identical form by the next session of the legislature, known as “second consideration.” After this, the legislature submits the proposed constitutional amendment for ratification by a majority of the electorate in a statewide referendum election.


Representative Snyder; Senator Wanggaard


Passed both chambers



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