The ACLU works to ensure that every woman can make the best decision for herself and her family about whether and when to have a child without undue political interference.

UPDATE: The leaked draft SCOTUS memo confirms our deepest fears that the Supreme Court is ready to take away the ability to control if and when to have a child. 

To be clear, abortion is still legal and protected by federal law. Still, if Roe is overruled, it would cause devastating implications and deprive millions of people in this country of access to essential health care. And Wisconsin is one of 26 states that could ban abortion if the Court reverses Roe. 

We know how critical this issue is, and our team is prepared to fight back and we need your support more than ever.

What can you do?

  • The ACLU of Wisconsin has shown up as legal observers as protests to protect reproductive freedom began after the SCOTUS memo was leaked.  If you’d like to become a legal observer, email to learn more.