Sean Wilson

Sean has been employed at the ACLU of Wisconsin since 2018

“As someone that has lived experiences with the criminal justice system in this state, I feel that my path has ultimately placed me in a unique position to help others, and make progress for real reform,” Sean said.  “I am an advocate for change and because I have endured struggles, I want my presence to be a liberating encounter for youth and all who feel they have no options. My favorite quote, ‘if there is no struggle, there is no progress’ [Frederick Douglass], not only exemplifies my life personally but now also in my role at the ACLU.” 

In Sean's role as Smart Justice Statewide Organizer, he develops and implements strategies to organize supporters across the state to work toward achieving the ACLU of Wisconsin’s strategic objectives, including developing campaign plans and turning goals and strategies into tactics, timelines, and metrics.  Additionally, he mobilizes volunteers to take action on legislative and ballot initiative campaigns using a variety of tactics: event attendance, calls, letters, petition signature gathering, canvassing, phone banking, etc.

Sean is an activist who grew up in Milwaukee’s 53206 neighborhood.  Prior to coming to the ACLU, he worked for Youth Justice Milwaukee and was a mentor to Milwaukee area youth.  Sean has collaborated with many different organizations in Milwaukee to address the issues of this city. He is devoted to Restorative Justice practices in an effort to restore and prevent harm to all affected.  As a formerly incarcerated person, Sean knows all too well the outcome of poor decisions – and has made a vow to advocate for justice, and also teach young people how to problem solve and create better conditions for themselves.

While Sean has a personal interest in Police, Prison, Criminal Law Reform, and Immigrants' Rights, but he is also passionate about all of the issues that the ACLU of Wisconsin works on which include:  


Photo Credit: Barbara Miner


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