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Sarah Siegel joined the ACLU of Wisconsin in September 2022.

As deputy executive director, Sarah supports the success of the entire ACLU of WI team in a number of ways, advancing our mission by managing the administration and finances of the organization, leading policy reform, and board support and management.

She is passionate about the entirety of the ACLU’s mission and believes that we must work harder than ever to ensure that all communities are treated with dignity and equity. “At every corner of our work is an opportunity to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, every experience is honored, and every effort is made to make our state safe and inclusive for our residents,” Sarah said. “I believe strongly in demonstrating the everyday behaviors that build sustainable partnerships, in engaging volunteers and experts equally, and in accelerating our commitment to the intersectionality of our efforts.”

Sarah said she’d found great value in bridging her personal interests, values, and experiences with her professional work. She studied history and Jewish studies in college, and Sarah said it was both an opportunity to connect with her past and an opportunity to move forward in leadership.  

She received the Ann Agulnik Leadership Award from the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, a recognition of her previous contributions and a call to action to grow her community leadership. “I was humbled to accept the leadership of developing my previous employer’s Justice & Equity covenant, which both spoke to my own desire for a more inclusive community, and inspired me to explore new opportunities to deepen that impact,” Sarah said. 

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” - Ruth Bader Ginsburg