Dr. Kelly has served on the ACLU of Wisconsin Board of Directors since 2018.

Dr. Alonzo M. Kelly currently serves as the board's secretary and is the national representative for the ACLU National Board. In addition to serving on the ACLU of WI's board, he currently serves on the National Board of Directors for Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SEN), the Fire and Police Commission for the City of Howard and the Board of Directors for Family Services of Brown County. 

Alonzo is the principal of Kelly Leadership Group, and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, three master’s degrees in public administration, human resource and labor relations and business administration, and is nearing completion of a PhD in multidisciplinary human services. He is also currently in the process of obtaining his doctorate in business administration.

The issues that Alonzo is most passionate about include education, housing, voting rights and creating communities where everyone feels as though they belong.

Alonzo Kelly Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award