The ACLU of Wisconsin worked with voting rights partners, like All Voting is Local, the League of Women Voters, and others to assemble a comprehensive toolkit to help you navigate the voting process. The Ambassodor Toolkit includes images and guidance related to proof of residence, online voter registration, in person voter registration, photo ID, absentee voting, early voting, election day voting, problems at the polls, becoming a poll worker, and general messaging. It also includes some other helpful resources. Please feel free to pull content from the document and share as you see fit. You'll also find some sample messaging that closely aligns with the images in each folder. Please feel free to pull these ideas and adapt to your needs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other outreach. Some ideas for use of these resources include:

● Talking about important deadlines on social media

● Sharing important need-to-know information with personal networks quickly (think text messages, private/direct messages, emails, etc.)

● Fact checking information when training staff and volunteers

● Answering questions to members and supporters