2020 Election Resources

Resources for Voters in 2020

Voter ID Helpline: 608-285-2141

Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE

My Vote and its functionalities: https://myvote.wi.gov

Register to vote up to 20 days prior to Election Day: myvote.wi.gov/registertovote

Request absentee ballot until October 29 for most voters: https://myvote.wi.gov/voteabsentee and click "Request absentee ballot)

Find Election Day Polling Place: Search respective voters' personal info at https://myvote.wi.gov/FindMyPollingPlace and click "find my local absentee options"

Find Drop Box and Early Voting Information: Search respective voters' personal info at https://myvote.wi.gov/voteabsentee and click "find my local absentee options"

Candidate and other voting information: https://vote411.org


Direct Engagement Tool Kit: https://www.aclu-wi.org/sites/default/files/field_documents/aclu_rightsf...

Jail Voting Tool Kit: https://www.aclu-wi.org/sites/default/files/field_documents/jail-voting-...

Jail Voting Report: https://allvotingislocal.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/ACLU-AVL-2020_Ja...

Vote With Us Facebook Live Q&As:

Voter IDs and the DMV: https://www.facebook.com/218685164816337/videos/609067953102716

Registration: https://www.facebook.com/218685164816337/videos/2600633633583109

Voting Early for Smart Justice: https://www.facebook.com/218685164816337/videos/449856135983194

Voting In-Person, Early: https://www.facebook.com/218685164816337/videos/805563003537623 

RFA Zoom Trainings:

Training: How To Engage Elected Officials and Candidates

Training: Phone Banking - Summer 2020; Spring 2020

Training: Jail Voting Report Roll Out

Training: Volunteer Leadership For Voter Engagement

Training: Social Media For Social Justice

Rights for All Materials

WVRC Coalition

The ACLU of Wisconsin is a member of the Wisconsin Voting Rights Coalition. Other members include: All Voting is Local, the Andrew Goodman Foundation, Brennan Center for Justice, Campus Elections Engagement Project, Campus Vote Project, the Center for Secure and Modern Elections, Citizen Action, Common Cause, Disability Rights Wisconsin, the Fair Elections Center, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, the Lutheran Office of Public Policy - Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, RepresentUs, National Vote at Home Institute, Protect Democracy, the Voting Rights Lab, Public Citizen, When We All Vote, Wisconsin Conservation Voices, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice, and Wisconsin Voices.