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Find your legislators

Wisconsin residents can use the Who Are My Legislators? website to look up the legislators who govern your address. You can find your state Senator and Assembly Representative as well as your federal Senators and Congressional Representative along with their contact links. Looking for information on your city government? Find your municipality’s websites here for contact information on local laws.

When it's time to take action on a bill and voice your opinions to your legislators, you can also call the state legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472 to speak to an operator.

Make a sound argument

From meeting with legislators, speaking at public hearings or writing letters to the editor, these basic tips will help you make a convincing and respected argument. Download our tip sheet on Using Your Voice (PDF).

Learn about the legislative process

Need a refresher on how a bill works its way through the state legislature? Check out this booklet from the state legislative website (PDF). Need a quicker roadmap for a bill’s passage? This graph gives the step-by-step path for bills (PDF). Nostalgic for Schoolhouse Rock? Check out this graphic art version of how a bill becomes law in Wisconsin.

The state legislature also has a frequently asked questions page about how to find information on bills, hearings and the legislative process.

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