The Republican National Convention will be held in the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee from Monday, July 15 until Thursday, July 18. Know your rights and resources before the event.

There will be a 90 block security zone in downtown Milwaukee. Here's what we know:

  • The security measures imposed by the City of Milwaukee and United State Secret Service include two different zones. Security fences will surround the zone closest to the RNC venues of Fiserv Forum, Panther Arena and the Baird Center, and only persons with credentials will be allowed to enter after passing through a security checkpoint. Surrounding this zone is a larger security footprint where pedestrians can enter and any vehicle entering will be subject to inspection. Learn more about the security zones.
  • Within the security footprint, protest is allowed for persons standing on sidewalks so long as they do not disrupt traffic or completely block the sidewalk. The City also passed an ordinance with a long list of items which no one may carry in the security footprint. While the prohibited items include squirt guns, seven inch or longer pieces of string, tennis balls, and many other common objects, firearms which may be legally carried in the State of Wisconsin are not prohibited in the security footprint.
  • Protest parades are required to apply for a permit and are limited to an official parade route created by the City during specific time periods.
  • The ACLU of Wisconsin sued the City of Milwaukee on the grounds that this limitation on parades and marches violates the First Amendment. A federal judge found the protest rules compliant with constitutional requirements. Read about our litigation.
  • Milwaukee will see a significant increase in outside law enforcement presence with 4000+ officers expected.
    • 1,600 officers from the Milwaukee Police Department.
    • 800 officers from other Wisconsin law enforcement agencies.
    • 1,600 officers from over 100 out-of-state law enforcement agencies.
    • The Governor has activated the Wisconsin National Guard.
    • Federal law enforcement – including the Secret Service – will also be present.
    • According to MPD, law enforcement officers from outside jurisdictions will not be required to wear body cameras unless their department already uses body cameras and has a department policy on body camera usage.

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