GRANTSBURG  — A Wisconsin school that suspended a sixth-grade student who tried to start a Gay Straight Alliance at their school has reversed its decision after an administrative action was filed on the student’s behalf by the ACLU of Wisconsin.

Wren Prahl, who uses they/them pronouns, wanted to start a Gay Straight Alliance and began recruiting other students to participate in the group, however, the school stepped in, rejecting the request on multiple occasions, citing two school policies, which they do not uphold for other organizations.

Since March, when the administrative action was filed on Wren’s behalf alleging discrimination, iForward has since reversed its decision.

"We are happy to share that iForward has agreed to meet all of our requests,” said Brianna Prahl, Wren’s mother. “Wren’s suspension was expunged from their record, and iForward will support a GSA for middle and high schoolers, as well as provide staff training. We look forward to the development of the GSA in a supported environment.”

“We are so glad that iForward is not only expunging the suspension from their record and allowing middle and high schoolers to participate in a GSA, but also providing training to staff that will help promote a safe, nondiscriminatory environment for LGBTQ students at the school,” said Elisabeth Lambert, staff attorney with the ACLU of Wisconsin.  “Wren was so brave to share their story, and in return, they have made a difference not only in the lives of  their fellow students, but other LGBTQ students who will attend the school in the future.”