Tonight the AP has projected that Janet Protasiewicz has been elected to serve as the next justice for the state Supreme Court.

ACLU of Wisconsin Executive Director Dr. Melinda Brennan released the following statement:

“It is fantastic to see that so many voters have made their voices heard in this vital state Supreme Court election. The ACLU of Wisconsin and the ACLU worked tirelessly to inform Wisconsinites about the critical role the court plays in shaping our civil rights and civil liberties through a $900,000 radio advertising program, and through direct mail and grassroots organizing. And, judging by Wisconsin’s impressive level of turnout for a state Supreme Court race, it’s safe to say the people of Wisconsin got the message and responded accordingly. We also know that our state’s draconian 1849 abortion ban in many ways came to define this race, and by showing up in the numbers they did, we believe that voters made a powerful statement that shows they want their reproductive freedom back.”

The ACLU and ACLU of Wisconsin launched a multi-faceted, statewide campaign to engage and empower Wisconsin voters ahead of the April 4 election, informing people of the significance of the state Supreme Court and educating them about the candidates’ records on important issues like abortion and voting rights.

“Our campaign and the thousands of voters we interacted with made it clear that the people of Wisconsin care deeply about their civil liberties and civil rights and are looking to the Wisconsin Supreme Court to defend their rights,” said Dr. Brennan. “We are hoping that the high level of energy and engagement surrounding critical issues like abortion rights and voting rights continues into the future."