The ACLU of Wisconsin joined several organizations in calling for a "full, thorough, complete, and transparent
investigation into the treatment of Diamond Wade while in custody at the Racine County Jail." 

Diamond was arrested and taken to the Racine County Jail about two months ago. Diamond, a Black transgender
woman, was placed in a male pod/dorm despite identifying as a woman. Per reports, Diamond has been subjected to
sexual harassment by other inmates within the Racine County Jail, including her bunkmate. Diamond has attempted to
file complaints but has had a difficult time doing so.

Diamond should be afforded an opportunity to shower in a place that is private and be housed in a setting consistent
with her gender identity. Based on information obtained, Diamond has not been able to shower in an area outside of
the male showers, female officers have “not been available” to escort her to a private shower, and Diamond has had to
shower overnight in order to be afforded privacy.

According to information received, Ms. Wade has attempted to file complaints, including a Prison Rape Elimination Act
complaint (PREA). Due to “technical issues” the PREA complaint was not able to be finished. The Racine County Sheriff’s
Department acknowledges a complaint is under investigation; however, the treatment of Ms. Wade BY the Racine
County Sheriff’s Department should be investigated by an outside, independent entity.

Diamond deserves to be treated with respect and safety. Diamond and other transgender people deserve to have their gender identity acknowledged and to be free from emotional and physical abuse while incarcerated.