MADISON -  The ACLU of Wisconsin condemns a proposal made by some state lawmakers that aims to broaden the legal definition of personhood and grant legal rights to fertilized eggs. This so-called “Personhood Amendment” is an attack on reproductive rights meant to ban abortion.

“Let’s be clear: the purpose of this extreme proposal is to ban all abortions and interfere with people’s personal, private medical decisions,” stated Chris Ott, Executive Director of the ACLU of Wisconsin. “These so-called ‘personhood’ initiatives are so extreme and beyond the pale they have been overwhelmingly rejected by voters in states across the country.”

“Deeply personal decisions like when and whether to start a family should be made by people – not dictated by politicians,” Ott added. “We will continue to closely monitor this legislation and keep fighting to defend the reproductive rights of all Wisconsinites.”

The ACLU has been vigorously fighting to protect reproductive freedom, which recently has come under siege in states across the country. In 2019, the ACLU helped block abortion bans in Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio and Utah.