MILWAUKEE - The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin issued a statement today on the demotion of Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales, attributable to Chris Ott, Executive Director of the ACLU of Wisconsin:

“This is a tumultuous time in not only the Milwaukee Police Department, but in police departments throughout the country. In order for police relations with the community to improve — and to make a break with unhelpful police practices that we’ve seen in the past — the public’s input should be heavily considered when selecting a new chief. 

“We hope that the community’s input will be not only allowed, but encouraged throughout the process, and that public hearings will be held with future candidates to provide the community with a voice in the decision making process.

“The Fire & Police Commission’s decision sends a clear message to Chief Morales’s successor and the entire department that the harsh, indiscriminate tactics used by Milwaukee Police during protests earlier this year can never happen again. The City also cannot allow Chief Morales’ demotion to interfere with or delay the fulfillment of its obligations under our stop-and-frisk settlement agreement.”