September 15, 2020

KENOSHA - The ACLU of Wisconsin sent a letter Tuesday to United States Attorney General William Barr, asking Barr to investigate law enforcement’s repeated use of force against protesters, reiterating the organization’s previous demand for an investigation into criminal and unconstitutional conduct of law enforcement officials toward protesters.  

“This is now our third letter urging the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate these potential criminal civil rights violations by law enforcement against protesters that have taken to the street to demand an end to police violence against Black people and communities of color,” the letter to Barr states. “An independent investigation into the potential criminal civil rights violations against Black Lives Matter protesters is necessary to restore faith of the people in their government and their trust in the protections afforded to them by law and by the Constitution.”

The ACLU of Wisconsin’s letter to United States Attorney William Barr is available online at: 

Read our letter to Attorney General Josh Kaul regarding Kenosha’s curfew here:

Read our original letter asking Gov Tony Evers and AG Josh Kaul to investigate potential crimes and civil rights violations committed by law enforcement during the Kenosha protests: