Another 43 religious schools have registered with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to receive tax dollars as the voucher subsidy program expands across the State. They join the 25 religious schools subsidized last year.  The limit on vouchers and their cost to taxpayers doubles next year to 1,000.  Every one of the 68 schools is religious.

While the religious education program expands, the schools receiving tax dollars continue to be free from meaningful accountability requirements. As the State’s legislative session winds down, it is apparent that no additional voucher school accountability requirements will be enacted.  While there have been some bills considered that purport to increase voucher school accountability, the Assembly and Senate will fail to agree on any changes and the investment that pro-voucher supporters have invested in the campaigns of legislators will again bear fruit. The legislators they have helped will be able to say they favor additional accountability, but they will also meet the expectation of their pro-voucher donors that none will be required.

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