The Mayor of the City of Milwaukee, by statute, is tasked with appointing citizens to serve on City of Milwaukee boards and commissions.  A group of concerned organizations (listed below) in the City of Milwaukee is trying to increase the Mayor’s pool of candidates to be considered for the Board of Fire & Police Commissioners. 



Specifically, we would like to encourage nominees who have one or more of the following attributes:

  1. Are under 35 years old, and/or have knowledge about the issues young people are facing. 
  2. Represent targeted populations that have high degrees of police contact.
  3. The ability to analyze data and think critically.
  4. The ability to ask difficult questions of authority figures. 
  5. The ability to advocate for the community regarding police issues in the City of Milwaukee, and work with diverse constituencies  i.e., the Milwaukee Police Department, Fire & Police Commission, other  elected officials, and the community, in an oversight role.
  6. The ability to make policy and procedural recommendations.
  7. The ability to develop and utilize outreach strategies to obtain input regarding Milwaukee Police Department policy and procedures and their impact on the community.


Prospective candidates to this board are subject to background checks.  Nominees are subject to Common Council confirmation, which may involve a public hearing about your background and experience.

Please note that while this group of organizations is encouraging applications, the Mayor of Milwaukee has the final authority on all appointments, subject to Common Council confirmation. 

Interested individuals can visit: to apply directly, or contact Emilio DeTorre at 414-305-8569 or email for more information.  If you submit your name directly through the city’s appointment website, please let us know and keep us updated as you progress through the application process.


The organizations that are encouraging these efforts are (alphabetically): All Black Everything, American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, Center for Youth Engagement, Centro Hispano Milwaukee, Concerned African-American and Latino American Citizens, FORGE, MICAH, Milwaukee Matters, the Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition, NAACP – Milwaukee Branch, National Lawyers Guild-Milwaukee Chapter, Peace Action Wisconsin, Reproductive Justice Collective, True Skool, Urban Underground, Voces de la Frontera, and YWCA Southeast Wisconsin

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