The ACLU of Wisconsin has a team of legal observers who are trained to keep an eye on protests that happen outside the Democratic National Convention. The objective of our legal observers is to keep demonstrators and community members safe by documenting what happens between protestors and police and other law enforcement personnel. 

Leading up to the DNC, we have provided training and guidance to our legal observers on what their roles are. They stand ready to hold police and other law enforcement officials accountable by being witnesses to any mistreatment of protesters during the DNC. 

Our organization plans to keep a watchful eye over these actions and any First or Fourth Amendment violations, including the use of excessive force against protestors, as well as indiscriminate or otherwise unlawful arrests. If these rights are violated, we stand ready to take appropriate legal action over these Constitutional violations. 

If anyone experiences police misconduct or arrests for protesting during the DNC, send an email to