At its meeting, December 1st, the ACLU of Wisconsin’s Board of Directors strongly condemned the unfair spirit and underhanded manner in which the hundreds of pages of proposed changes were issued by the legislature during a lame duck session.

This costly legislative overreach seeks to harm Wisconsin families by changing laws pertaining to insurance, elections, and other issues essential to our state.

Drafting sweeping legislation behind closed doors to change the rules after an election violates the public’s trust, and their right to know and be heard, which are rooted in the first amendment.  This limits the people’s access to democracy and their ability to hold their legislators accountable to represent them.

There are real issues that the families of Wisconsin need addressed in order to thrive and this is not the way to solve those problems.

The legislature’s drastic and extreme action seeks to unfairly rush through what should be done during the regular session.  Their current strategy actively undermines the democratic process and the rights of Wisconsin residents.   Let’s return to Wisconsin values of openness and fair play.   

Please call your State Senator and urge them not to let power-hungry legislators ignore election results and push voters around. Find your legislator here:

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