The ACLU of Wisconsin is conducting its Biannual Education Survey, and has sent open records requests to 107 of the 425 school districts in Wisconsin to see how they are doing on some of the ACLU’s priority issues: nondiscrimination, bullying, and the right of each student to an adequate education.

Under state rules, every district in Wisconsin must prepare a written report at least every five years to evaluate the status of nondiscrimination and equality of educational opportunity in the school district, and the ACLU will be reviewing those reports and evaluating the districts’ efforts. 

Since the ACLU of Wisconsin’s Youth Program Department conducts workshops on anti-bullying with hundreds of teens every year, we have also asked schools for their policy on bullying.  Each school district is required by Wisconsin Statute §118.46 to have a bullying policy.

The ACLU will also be reviewing the human growth and development curriculum provided in each school district.  The ACLU believes that fact-based, comprehensive sexuality education should be taught in each school district, helping young people get the information and life skills they need to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

The ACLU of Wisconsin plans to issue a future report on the findings of the survey.