In a recent press release on his Facebook page, the Racine County Sheriff has made clear his intention to honor detainer requests issued to his jail by ICE.  The ACLU of Wisconsin recently issued a report reviewing cooperation with ICE by Sheriff Departments across the state.  In response to open record requests from the ACLU, the Racine Sheriff indicated that he had no policy or procedure concerning ICE detainer requests.  

The list of inmates with ICE detainers provided by the sheriff in his statement includes some persons whose only interaction with the justice system have been misdemeanors and traffic violations.  At least two of these individuals had received sentences which included work release privileges so they could continue at jobs in the community.  

We would encourage the Sheriff not to issue statements which seem to be intended to disparage the immigrant community in his county, but instead to adopt policies which pass constitutional muster and which protect the rights of the immigrant communities in his jurisdiction.