The arrest of longtime Milwaukee resident Jose De La Cruz Espinoza was cruel, senseless, and unacceptable. The way in which he was treated by officers from both ICE and the Milwaukee Police Department traumatized not only Mr. Espinoza, but also devastated his wife and three young children, who were all present for the encounter.

The disturbing nature of this incident has garnered serious concern from community members who are demanding a clear explanation of what happened. The ACLU of Wisconsin believes the public is entitled to know exactly what unfolded during Mr. Espinoza’s apprehension and what role the Milwaukee Police Department played in that effort. Therefore, we are calling on the MPD to immediately release all body and dash cam videos and recordings of the interaction.

 If the MPD is at all sincere about its aspirations for greater transparency and a healthier relationship with the people of Milwaukee, it should offer citizens a full accounting of what took place. 

The City must also reaffirm its commitment to protect immigrants who live here, a promise that was brazenly broken when it helped facilitate Mr. Espinoza’s arrest. The immigrant community in Milwaukee should not be forced to endure the abusive and reckless behavior so commonly seen from ICE officials across the country.