The ACLU of Wisconsin calls on Governor Walker to withdraw Wisconsin National Guard support of family-separation operations along the U.S.-Mexico border. Several other governors, including Republican governors in Maryland and Massachusetts, have withdrawn their troops in protest against the Trump administration's policy of separating children from their parents at the border.

The following statement may be attributed to ACLU of Wisconsin executive director Chris Ott:

“The treatment of parents and children that has come to light at our border has deeply troubled people across the country and in Wisconsin. We need to bring this to an end, not support it.

This makes it hard to understand Governor Walker's decision to send members of the Wisconsin National Guard to assist in this misguided operation. We ask Governor Walker to rethink this, and not to force our troops to participate in such a cruel and controversial program.

We also encourage people to call Governor Walker’s office to demand an end to support for family separations. Please call 608-266-1212 between 8am and 5pm.”

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