This joint resolution proposes the declaration of the Economic Justice Bill of Rights.

The Economic Justice Bill of Rights was first introduced in March of 2021 as a progressive vision for legislative work to better our state for all Wisconsinites. 

Economic Justice Bill of Rights

  1. A job that provides dignity at work and pays a living wage;
  2. Adequately funded public education and affordable, accessible child care;
  3. A union, public or private, and collective bargaining;
  4. Affordable, accessible, and comprehensive high-quality health care;
  5. A clean, sustainable environment and healthy planet;
  6. Decent, sustainable community infrastructures including safe, affordable housing, transportation, and broadband;
  7. Equitable access to capital, investments, financial institutions, and retirement;
  8. A fair, restorative, and equitable justice system;
  9. Recreation and participation in community and civic life; and
  10. Life, self-determination, and freedom from oppression.


Representatives Shelton, Hong, C. Anderson, Bare, Clancy, Jacobson, Joers, Madison, Palmeri, Ratcliff; Senators Larson, Agard





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