This joint resolution proposes a constitutional amendment to ban state agencies and local governments — including the Universities of Wisconsin — from using race, sex, ethnicity and other factors in hiring decisions and public accommodations.

If enacted, this measure would eliminate identity-conscious initiatives that address longstanding inequalities in access to public education, employment, contracting, and administration in an attempt to advance the ongoing crusade against diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The resolution language mischaracterizes these programs as discriminatory when in reality, they simply acknowledge and seek to redress the fact that marginalized Wisconsinites have historically and still face deep-seated, structural barriers to opportunity due to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and other differences. 

Programs conscious of that legacy, which consider a person’s background are simply attempting to level an uneven playing field, ensure equality of opportunity across differences, and take advantage of the proven benefits of a diverse and inclusive society.

A proposal to amend the Wisconsin Constitution must be passed by a majority of members in both houses as a joint resolution, known as “first consideration,” and then in identical form by the next session of the legislature, known as “second consideration.” After this, the legislature submits the proposed constitutional amendment for ratification by a majority of the electorate in a statewide referendum election.



Representative David Murphy; Senator Steve Nass


Passed both chambers



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