Failed to pass both houses, will not become law this session

This bill establishes a civil cause of action against a health care provider who “performs a gender transition procedure” on a minor who is “injured, including any physical, psychological, emotional, or physiological injury.”

This bill inappropriately singles out gender-affirming care and attempts to create a chilling effect on providers by exposing doctors and hospitals to heightened legal risk for providing medical treatment that is overwhelmingly supported by science. 

Gender-affirming care has more safeguards and more robust informed consent requirements than the majority of care that minors receive and their parents consent to. There is no evidence that this care results in a larger number of poor outcomes than other forms of medical care. According the American Medical Association -- rates of regret among people who access gender affirming treatment are significantly lower than other comparable forms of medical care. The AMA also stresses that access to evidence-based care is vital for trans people who require it.



Representative Rozar; Senator Hutton





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