The application for the 2021 Summer Justice Institute is now live! CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

The 2021 Summer Justice Institute will be held in a hybrid forumat from July 19 through 30. The Summer Justice Institute is a two-week day camp that combines arts and civic engagement instruction to provide a unique experience to Milwaukee area high school teens. We cover topics such as racial justice, conflict resolution, self-care, civil liberties and civil rights, immigration, LGBTQ+, mass incarceration, voting rights, and more.

 At the Summer Justice Institute (SJI) students will become experts on the issues currently being confronted in Wisconsin today.

Read more about past SJI experiences here.

Contact Youth Organizer, Hope Owens-Wilson - 414.272.4032 ext.225 - if you have any questions or need help completing the application.


Is my child eligible for SJI?

SJI is open to upcoming high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

I live outside of Milwaukee can I still participate in SJI?

While we are open to participants from other counties and cities in Wisconsin, special preference will be given to students Milwaukee Public Schools and Milwaukee County.

What will my child be learning at SJI?

The topics listed above in description are among the things we cover. For workshop titles please review the public schedule below.

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