Participants at the 2019 Youth Social Justice Forum pose with their instructors and event t-shirts.

Youth empowerment is a crucial part of the ACLU of Wisconsin's misson to create a more just and equitable society. For the last 20 years, our youth programs have helped young people become civically engaged and grow into leaders within their communities. We strive to help students channel their creativity, talent, agency, and power to make a lasting difference in the communities they live in. We hold several events throughout the year. Learn more about them below. 

2020 Summer Justice Institute: The Summer Justice Institute is a two-week intensive camp experience for high school students teaching essential leadership and social justice issues, skills and techniques for civic engagement. 

Youth Social Justice Forum: Every fall, the ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation joins community partners in sponsoring this day-long event to teach high school students to exercise, protect, and celebrate their civil rights and liberties. The event is free to participating high schools.

Public Arts Student Alliance: Through a partnership between the ACLU of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Public Schools, and other allies, we work with students to help them examine, understand, articulate, and impact the major community issues of violence and civic apathy by learning about civil liberties and civil rights. 

ACLU_YOUTH TV: COVID-19 has caused the way we engage with each other to change. In a effort to simulate our community outreach efforts with a focus on physical distance, ACLU_YOUTH TV was born. A webseries focusing on hot topics that have arisen during the time of COVID-19.

Lunch Break Conversations: 

The WI state budget

Want to know more about the state budget process and why the state budget is a big deal? Join us for this crash course in the WI state budget process, important items up for consideration, and how you can participate in the process.

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The April Election Primer

This spring, education is on the ballot. Join this lunch talk to learn more about what could be on your ballot, information about a few of the candidates running for important education offices and what you need in order to vote!

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