The ACLU of Wisconsin envisions a society in which a strong, growing, and diverse network of people and public and private institutions understands, values, and works to protect civil liberties and rights. The ACLU of Wisconsin’s most recent strategic plan includes a major goal of engaging people across the state on civil liberties issues.
A few of the specific issue areas that we are able to present on are:


Law Enforcement

Know Your Rights during Law Enforcement

Encounters Know Your Rights during Law Enforcement and ICE Encounters (Spanish-language)

Smart Justice

Reforming the Criminal Legal System


Know Your Rights - Student's Rights in Public School

Know Your Rights During Law Enforcement Encounters for Students

Organizing 101: Organizing Conversations

Organizing 201: Moving from Issues to Action on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties


First Amendment Rights

Demonstrator’s Rights workshop

Legal Observer Training

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Voting Rights

Many of the ACLU’s workshops are organized by other community groups and educational institutions, who invite ACLU staff to share their knowledge about specific topics. If you would like to request a speaker from the ACLU of Wisconsin, email us the date of the event, issue being discussed, and location. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate all requests, but the earlier you submit your request, the greater the likelihood a speaker will be scheduled.