La'Tanya Campbell

La'Tanya Campbell has served on the ACLU of Wisconsin Board of Directors since 2024.

As a Clinical Mental Health Therapist and trauma specialist for over a decade, La’Tanya aims to help people overcome adversities by tapping into their resilience, so they no longer merely survive but begin to thrive. La’Tanya is dedicated to providing the highest level of care using a multicultural, strength-based integrated approach, listening with empathy and compassion with a keen ability to hear what is not said. She has provided crisis interventions and supportive services to victims of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. La’Tanya’s area of focus is youth ages 11-18 impacted by childhood trauma and adversities, including abuse, neglect, homelessness, parental addiction, and/or incarceration. La’Tanya not only works directly with these populations to validate and affirm their experiences, but also works to encourage, engage, and educate the community on issues related to diversity, including racial disparities, systemic oppression, and race-based trauma.

In 2020, La’Tanya was appointed by the Mayor of Wausau to the Liberation and Freedom Committee. She was also an appointed Marathon County Diversity Affairs Commission member from 2018-2022, which brought national attention to racism in the community. Similarly, La’Tanya served on the Board of Directors for End Abuse Wisconsin. She has served on numerous committees, bringing awareness to and advocating for people experiencing homelessness, food insecurities, violence, discrimination, and systemic oppression. La’Tanya has been instrumental in the community in putting together or assisting with Martin Luther King, Black History Month, Juneteenth, and Pride Celebrations; she truly believes we are stronger together.

La’Tanya was awarded the 2021 Dedication to Service Award from United Way of Marathon County, and she was also the recipient of the 2022 YWCA- Women of Vision award.

La'Tanya is passionate about ending intimate partner violence, race-based trauma, systemic oppression, and transgenerational trauma. She wants to live in a world where people don't have to merely survive, but they are thriving; this requires us to foster a community of equity and love.