Education Resources

Below are resources that we use to guide our discussion of public schools in Wisconsin:

Joint Finance Committee education package, Motion 538, passed June 5, 2013.

Democracy and Education Research Group, "What’s the Difference? Voucher schools, Charter schools, Milwaukee Public Schools"  May 2012

ACLU and ten other organizations, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Defend Public Schools, Our Children, Our Democracy"  Jan. 26, 2013


On School Funding:

Patti Zarling, Press-Gazette Media, "School vouchers take center stage at state budget hearing" April 8, 2013.

Scott Bauer, Associated Press: "Wisconsin floats private school tuition tax break" April 3, 2013.

Institute for Wisconsin's Future: "Governor’s K-12 budget starves public schools while private choice schools prosper" Feb. 18, 2013

Wisconsin School Administrators Alliance: "Governor’s Budget Proposals Continue Defunding of Public Education"  Feb. 18, 2013

School Funding Reform for Wisconsin: "Central Wisconsin school funding reform community group gains support from around the state"  Feb. 13, 2013

Institute for Wisconsin's Future: "Public school kids deserve part of projected state surplus"  Nov. 25, 2012

Marcus Nesemann, Rhinelander Daily News, "District moves forward with referendum: Vote could take place as early as February"  Nov. 15, 2012

Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, "Wisconsin residents would prefer state revenues to be spent on additional funding for education over receiving tax cuts by a 2-to-1 margin (56.9% to 27.3%)" Oct. 29, 2012

Institute for Wisconsin's Future: "Normal School District faces uncertain future"  Sept. 14, 2012

Alan J. Borsuk, On Education, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Average school district will face rocky road" Aug. 11, 2012

Amy Hetzner, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Some places' integration seats vanish: Aid formula makes big players prefer open enrollment to 220"  Dec. 25, 2010

On Disability Rights:

Rebecca Kemble, The Progressive, "Walker’s Ploy on Special Needs Vouchers"  Feb. 18, 2013

Disability Rights Wisconsin: "Disability Rights Wisconsin Shares Concerns about Governor’s Education Budget and Impact on Students with Disabilities"  Feb. 18, 2013

Stop Special Needs Vouchers: "Parents of Children with Disabilities Travel to Madison to tell the Governor: Special Needs Vouchers are Bad News for Our Kids!" Feb. 18, 2013

Chart: "School “Choice” For Students with Disabilities? School Responsibilities: Private School Vouchers, Charter Schools and Open Enrollment"

ACLU: "Voucher Schools Have Created a Separate, Unequal System"  June 20, 2011

ACLU: "Milwaukee Voucher Schools Discriminate Against Students with Disabilities, Allege ACLU, Disability Rights WI: Federal Investigation Requested Today"  June 7, 2011

Institute for Wisconsin's Future: "New organization forms to fight against special needs vouchers"  Dec. 14, 2012

On Charter & Voucher Schools:

Patti Zarling, Press-Gazette Media, "State poll reflects divisions, uncertainty over school vouchers" Mar. 31, 2013.

Lisa Kaiser, the Shepherd Express: "The High Cost and Low Benefits of School Vouchers: Walker wants to expand a low-performing, unaccountable program"  Feb. 27, 2013

Patti Zarling, Green Bay Press-Gazette: "School voucher effectiveness questioned" Feb. 24, 2013

Hillary Gavan, Beloit Daily News: "Voucher debate churns" Feb. 19, 2013

Jason Stein, Patrick Marley and Erin Richards of the Journal Sentinel, "Scott Walker proposes expanding voucher school program, raising taxpayer support." Feb. 18, 2013

Lisa Kaiser, Shepherd Express, "City Officials Limit Public Comment on Charter Schools: So what are they trying to hide?" Dec. 13, 2012

Dominique Paul Noth: "City charter system smells of insider trading cronyism" Dec. 13, 2012

Barbara Miner, JS Online: "Does City Hall have a clue what's going on at the city's charter schools?"  Dec. 12, 2012

Erin Richards, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Poverty less damaging to public schools' scores than charters', report finds" Dec. 5, 2012


What Others are Saying:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board: "Walker's voucher plan goes too far, too fast" Feb. 19, 2013

Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter Editorial Board: "Our view: School voucher expansion proposal flawed" Feb. 19, 2013

M.D. Kittle, Wisconsin Reporter: "Expert: Walker’s school choice plan could spark another Act 10-style battle" Feb. 19, 2013

Bar-Lev, Nissan, Green Bay Press Gazette: "Legislators should reject special education voucher legislation" Feb. 6, 2013

Miner, Barbara, The Cap Times: "Milwaukee example of Walker’s threat to schools" Feb. 5, 2013

Elliott, Patrick, JS Online: "School vouchers harm public education" Jan. 31, 2013

Alinder, Jasmine: "Wisconsin parents call for re-investment in K-12 public education: ‘Repair the damage’" Jan. 14, 2013

Ravitch, Diane, JS Online: "Invest in MPS, not voucher and charter" Jan. 10, 2013

Stevens Point, WI: "Central Wisconsin Community Group Tired of Waiting for State Legislature to Reform K-12 Public School Funding"  Jan. 10, 2013

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