In another step toward full equality for same-sex married couples, the State of Wisconsin Vital Records office has issued a corrected birth certificate that lists both Kami Young and Karina Willes as parents to their daughter, Olivia, who was born shortly after the ACLU of Wisconsin and the ACLU LGBT Project filed Wolf v. Walker, the case...
Not only must Madison repeal its anti-panhandling ordinance, but it also needs to stop trying to criminalize homelessness. Instead, the city should move forward with positive steps to resolve the problem.
Despite the criticism, the Milwaukee Art Museum has courageously stuck to principles of artistic freedom. A free society must leave individuals free to decide for themselves what art they will view or create.
Allowing a Lake Michigan water diversion to enable continued unrestrained sprawl and job migration will have the inevitable effect of perpetuating racial and economic segregation in the region, to the clear disadvantage of persons of color, especially African-Americans.
Today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will formally announce his candidacy for president of the United States.  The ACLU of Wisconsin has compiled a summary of the Governor’s actions that reflect his positions on important civil liberties and civil rights issues...
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