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  1. Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission Needs Nominees

    May 16, 2013News updatePolice, Prisons, and Criminal Law Reform
  2. Drone Debate Heats Up In Wisconsin

    May 29, 2013News updatePrivacy, Technology, and Liberty
  3. ACLU to State Senator: No School Voucher Expansion

    May 30, 2013News updateYouth Rights and Equal Education
  4. Download ACLU of Wisconsin Milwaukee and Madison bust cards with local resources

    July 7, 2013News updateYouth Rights and Equal Education, Racial Justice
  5. New law could fund Wisconsin DNA testing

    January 14, 2013News update
  6. Barrett appoints Ann Wilson to Fire and Police Commission

    January 15, 2013News update
  7. George Curtis to be ACLU featured speaker

    March 13, 2013News update
  8. New policy will govern how Milwaukee cops treat citizens

    May 30, 2013News update
  9. Police May Know Exactly Where You Were Last Tuesday

    July 17, 2013News update
  10. Walker signs 2-year budget

    July 1, 2013News update