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  1. La Crosse to Allow Resident to Keep Impeach Yard Sign, Submitting to ACLU Demand

    January 26, 2018News updateFreedom of Speech and Association
  2. Bipartisan Legislation Introduced in Wisconsin to Close Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake Youth Correctional Facilities

    February 13, 2018News updateYouth Rights and Equal Education
  3. WI Senate Voted to Fire Elections Commission Admin Michael Haas

    January 24, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  4. Wisconsin’s Ethics and Elections Watchdogs Are Widely Respected – Why Are Partisan Politicians Trying to Fire Them?

    January 15, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  5. Web Resources

    February 19, 2018Page
  6. State Assembly proposal to borrow $350 million for new prison dies in Senate

    March 21, 2018News updatePolice, Prisons, and Criminal Law Reform
  7. Community Groups say New Prison is Not Needed

    February 22, 2018News updatePolice, Prisons, and Criminal Law Reform
  8. Community Engagement

    April 9, 2018Page
  9. Legal Internships

    April 9, 2018Page
  10. ACLU Statement on Wisconsin Spring Election Results

    April 3, 2018News update