Public Workshops and Training Sessions

The ACLU of Wisconsin envisions a society in which a strong, growing, and diverse network of people and public and private institutions understands, values, and works to protect civil liberties and rights. The ACLU of Wisconsin’s most recent strategic plan includes a major goal of engaging people across the state on civil liberties issues.

A few of the specific issue areas that we are able to present on are:

Law Enforcement

  • Know Your Rights during Law Enforcement Encounters
  • Know Your Rights during Law Enforcement Encounters (Spanish-language)
  • Effective Police Accountability
  • Racial Justice Through Marijuana Decriminalization
  • Felon re-enfranchisement
  • The rights of prisoners


  • KYR – public school rights – 5 freedoms (speech, religion, assembly, press, petition), privacy
  • Adequate Education - Vouchers
  • Poetry, politics and Power
  • Puppets, People and partnerships
  • Racist Mascots
  • Student Privacy: Searches, Consent and Your Rights
  • Shared Power, Shared Voice – How to use Circle Process to facilitate healthy environments
  • Effective youth partnerships
  • Bigger Than Bullying: Adequate Education and Bullying
  • Using theatre to educate around civil liberties and civil rights issues.
  • Theatre Games about power, access and voice
  • Arts and Civil Liberties (or Arts & Activism)
  • Youth Organizing workshop

First Amendment Rights

  • First Amendment Rights/T-shirt printing workshop
  • Demonstrator’s Rights workshop
  • Political Cartooning
  • Getting your message out there – creating audio or video PSAs
  • Social Media and Organizing
  • Legal Observer Training
  • Banned Books and Censorship
  • Free Speech 101
  • Printmaking, Art & Activism


  • Marriage Equality
  • Out of the closets and into the Classrooms: LGBT rights in Public schools

Internet Privacy and Security

  • Effective Use/Integration of Social Media
  • Digital Privacy – Know Your Rights online
  • Social Media, the Internet, & Privacy – Creepers & Cops
  • Data mining and Surveillance Industries
  • Social Media and Youth Outreach

Racial Justice

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Messaging
  • Practice what you preach:  Building a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Racism 101: Types of racism: institutional, structural, internal (unaware/unintentional/self hatred), individual (covert/overt).
  • What is bias? ISMS, civil liberties and civil rights

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

  • Civil Liberties/ Civil Rights Today: Getting Involved
  • Social Justice 101
  • Civic Action: MKE Civics 101
  • Introduction Outreach and Organizing
  • Voting Rights
  • Environmental Justice/Transit Equity
  • Immigration:  Rights & Myths
  • Effective Persuasive Speaking & Presentations

Many of the ACLU’s workshops are organized by other community groups and educational institutions, who invite ACLU staff to share their knowledge about specific topics. If you would like to request a speaker from the ACLU of Wisconsin, email us the date of the event, issue being discussed, and location. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate all requests, but the earlier you submit your request, the greater the likelihood a speaker will be scheduled.

You can also download one of our ACLU of Wisconsin Know Your Rights resources including bust cards for Milwaukee and Madison. Please visit our Resources page for more.

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