Lobby Day

Wisconsin’s epidemic of mass incarceration is devastating Wisconsin communities: destroying lives, wasting taxpayer money, and failing to make us safer. Together we can fix this broken system and put people before prisons – but only if we make our voices heard. 

Join the ACLU of Wisconsin’s Smart Justice Campaign at the Wisconsin State Capitol on January 29 and urge the Legislature to reduce our prison population and support reforms that will make Wisconsin stronger and safer. 

Attendees will hear from people who have been impacted by Wisconsin’s mass incarceration crisis, learn the basics of effective advocacy, and meet with their elected officials. 

Don’t miss this chance to join advocates and activists from around the state and help build a stronger, safer, and more just future for Wisconsin. 

Register here:  https://action.aclu.org/webform/wi-lobbyday2020


Currently there are no upcoming events scheduled.